I’m Heather: Wife, Mom, Author and Runner.  Also, I’m a board certified OB/GYN working full time in Franklin, TN at Womens Group of Franklin. A few years back I started a blog with my friend Jessica called The Pregnancy Companion (which later became Gather and Grow) and we were blessed to write a book by the same name. I currently write for the WebMD Women’s Health Blog. This is my space to write about whatever strikes my fancy, which is mainly running, motherhood and birthing babies. This blog also contains many of my older posts from the pregnancy companion that have been updated.

I love (in no particular order): birthing babies, U2, Venice, chocolate, long runs, Counting Crows, Jesus, Seattle in July, laughing so hard I cry, a nice red zin, coffee, my husband and the 2 minutes a day when my boys play together nicely before they start fighting.

I hate meetings, cotton balls, road trips and classic rock.

Disclaimers: The advice provided in this blog is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical diagnosis, advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. Any references to a specific patient encounters are always used with the patient’s permission or are a fictitious conglomerate of multiple patient encounters. 



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