February in Review

First long run of the year

It’s time to start training again. I love spending my Saturday mornings pounding out the distance and chatting it up with my girlfriends. If we also catch a marvelous sunrise, then that’s the gravy. If we still have time, we grab eggs and coffee at the Frothy Monkey Coffee Shop. Our post run body odor usually assures us an isolated table.

This spring I’m running the Nashville Country Music Half at the end of April. No PR goal for that one, simply going to enjoy the race. Next up will be Ragnar Tennessee in May and *fingers crossed* the Chicago Marathon in the fall.


My WedMD Post this month was on herpes. I wanted to call it “Is This Burning an Eternal Flame?…. No, It’s Herpes!”  Sadly, my editor nixed that. (Sorry,now I’ve forever ruined that song for you).

Could it be Herpes? 

I also posted over at Mother in Medicine about my recent realization that I am old:

That One Time When You Unknowingly Insulted Me  


Now onto March.


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