The Many Reasons People Don’t Like Me

Recently I finished a lovely continuing medical education seminar on the importance of patient satisfaction. Patient ratings are currently being tied to both hospital and physician reimbursement models. According to the speaker, recent surveys suggest that patients prefer a nice (timely) doctor over a competent one. While I strive to be BOTH, and I believe that having a compassionate bedside manner is extremely important, it’s been my experience over the years that YOU CAN NEVER MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY.

I decided make a list of some of the strangerĀ complaints I’ve received over the years and will attempt to update the list as new complaints arrive.

  • My sweater is too fluffy
  • I’m too young
  • I’m too old
  • I spent too much time with them at their visit (they felt I was condescending by explaining their condition so thoroughly)
  • They had too wait too long
  • I wouldn’t give them narcotics for their cramps
  • I gave them medicine
  • I was not encouraging enough about natural childbirth
  • I didn’t tell them the truth about how painfulĀ natural childbirth really was (though their birth plan forbid it)
  • I’m not athletic enough
  • I asked them to pay their bill