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You Might Be a “Doctor-Mom” If…..


You might be a “doctor-mom” if: you find yourself filling out your CME forms in crayon.

On a related note in multitasking, I have recently discovered that a running headlamp makes an excellent tool for walking your dog and picking up her poo in the dark.

You’re welcome.


Random Conversations with a 3 year Old


“Mommy, I wuv you soooooo much!¬†You have such beautiful eyes!” My little man said to me as he reached out his chubby little fingers to touch my cheek. Then he stared into my eyes and smiled a huge dimply smile.

My eyes began to sting, as they swelled with tears. As my heart strings were pulled so taunt that they were on the verge of rupture, he turned his attention from me to our dog.

“Meg, I wuv you, you have beautiful eyes!” He then gave her the same adorable smile.

I prefer to only remember the first half of this conversation.


“Mom, when do we go on the big boat?”

“Next week is when we take our cruise, honey” I reply, even though I know he has no concept of time.

“When we go on the big boat, will you throw me overboard, so I can be swallowed by a giant fish and then I be in his belly for three day and then he will spit me on out dry land?” He asked, jumping up and down, unable to contain his excitement at the very thought of such an adventure.

“NO!!!” I’m horrified. Mental note: no more Jonah books.


“No!” then I get a brilliant idea, “Do you want to watch ‘Shark Week’ ?”


“Mommy, I want to play hide and seek!”

“Do you want to hide or seek?” I ask.

“I want to do both!”

“That, my son, is what they call a stalker.” Dad snarkily adds from the next room.


Ten, minutes after the third time I put him to bed, I hear him call out from his room:


“Yes, Honey?”

“I’m sleepin’ now.”


I smile and shake my head. I love that little guy to pieces.