Awkward Moments in Gynecology: The Vagina Awareness Bracelet

With October being breast cancer awareness month, pink has taken over our office. We have our Race for the Cure team compiled and our pink ribbons pinned to our coats. We’re prepared to kick breast cancer’s proverbial booty.


One of our drug reps brought us a box of pink plastic awareness bracelets this week. I’m not a fan of the awareness bracelets in general. However, I must be in the minority because they seem to be everywhere. Nearly every cause and color of the rainbow can be found dangling around the wrists at the mall. My brother has one that is red and white marbled that reads ‘bacon.’

Several of our staff and patients were wearing these new pink bracelets. I noticed the inscription on the bracelets read “Break the Silence.” I thought that seemed an odd breast cancer slogan, since most people are hyer-aware of breast cancer and it seems to have lost its stigma long ago. On closer inspection, I realized that these were not breast cancer bracelets.

They were vaginal dryness awareness bracelets.

I kid you not.

Let me clarify that I am all for healthy, appropriately moisturized vaginas. But do we really need an awareness bracelet for this?

Are menopausal women actually going to wear these? The point of ‘awareness bracelets’ is to talk about the issues to anyone who asks you about your bracelet. Are grandmas really going to talk about their struggles with adequate vaginal moisture to the checker at Target that asks them about their bracelet? If so, we need to warn the public.


Postmenopausal vaginal atrophy is an important issue. I address it daily with my patients. I am thrilled that there is a new medication (Osphena) to help women stay sexually active in their golden years. However, there has to be a better marketing gimmick. And riding on breast cancer’s shirt tails by using pink in October is just plain rude.

How about a charm bracelet for Valentines day, only instead of charms, it contains tiny packets of KY jelly?

We did not realize what the bracelets actually were for until we had distributed them and our staff had worn them for several days. Did I also mention that our kids might have worn them to school?


Parent teacher conferences are going to be interesting this year for the staff at our office.

7 thoughts on “Awkward Moments in Gynecology: The Vagina Awareness Bracelet”

  1. Wow! I’ve often said that this conversation DOESN’T happen and needs too…. but NOT by am awareness bracelet, I’m laughing so hard I’m hoping my post menopausal body doesn’t pee itself!

  2. Since I’m one of the grandmas who would appreciate this product, I have to agree with allllll that was said! And yes I peed my pants laughing!

  3. Another example of corporate marketing disguised as Advocacy. Doesn’t work for me and I KNOW about vaginal dryness! I founded Annie Appleseed Project in order to share information about natural approaches to cancer, before, during treatment and in recovery.

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